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We offer flexible vending machine services to meet the demands of all of our customers. We are known for offering excellent customer service, for using vending machines that look and work like new, and for fixing them in less than 24 hours.

Vending Machine Services

We offer three types of vending machine services. One of them is traditional vending, where we provide the vending machines, the service, and the products at no cost to the employer, but the employees pay for the full price of the goods. Another service is free vending. In free vending we provide the vending machines and the service at no cost to the employer, but the employer pays for the full price of the goods while the employee gets the products for free. The third service is subsidized vending, in which we provide the vending machines and the services at no cost to the employer, but the cost of the product is shared between the employer and the employees.


Office Coffee and Tea Delivery Services

We provide full coffee and tea services. We work with you to offer you exactly what you need. We have a variety of commercial coffee makers, single serve Kcup coffee makers, hot and cold bottleless whater dispensers, and full-size vending coffee machies. We carry all major coffee and tea brands and offer all the needed supplies such as sugar, creamers, filters, cups, napkins, and plates. Our prices are very competitive and most of the time we do not charge equipment and/or delivery fees.

Coffee Services

Vending Machine Repairs

Technical service for our customers is free, and we are fully responsible for the maintenance of our machines. We guarantee our clients mechanical service 24 hours per day 7 days per week. If one of our machines malfunctions, we will fix it in less than 24 hours.

We also offer technical services to non-customers. Our well trained technicians can program or repair any type of full-size vending machine (except for old/vintage machines). Our labor rate is $100 (parts not included) and we can go anywhere within our coverage area, which includes San Jose, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Hollister, Monterey, and their surrounding areas.


Sale or Lease of Vending Machines

We only work with vending machines that look and work like new. These vending machines are equipped with dollar-bill acceptors, delivery sensors, motion sensors, and many other modern electronics that improve their efficiency. If you do not need our vending service and are only looking to buy or rent a vending machine, contact us today to get more information, prices, and photos. We also invite you to read our blog post titled "Renting vending machines from Vendwize."


Micro-Market Vending

Micro-Markets are the latest and greatest from the vending industry. They bringing the convenience store to your break room along with more options, healthier selections, bigger bulk items (ex: salads, fruits, sandwiches, ice cream, etc.). With a micro-market, we can sell you the products without vending machines.

Micro-Market Vending

Vending Business Delivery

We can also deliver products derectly to your office. These products include beverages, milk, cereal, fruits, pastries, coffee products, and any spacial request.

  • We only deliver to businesses located within our coverage area.
  • Delivery orders must be over $150 (before tax).
  • Deliveries are made between 8:00am-5:00pm (Monday-Friday).
  • Elevator must be accessible for deliveries to other than the first floor.

Transportation of Vending Machines

We have the vehicles, tools, and experience to safely transport your vending machines. We can transport it to any place within our coverage area as long as there is an elevator if your machine will not be located on the first floor.

Transportation of Vending Machines

Service Area

We provide outstanding vending machine services in the greater San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and Monterey areas, including Alviso, Aptos, Campbell, Capitola, Carmel, Castroville, Cupertino, Felton, Gilroy, Gonzalez, Hollister, Los Gatos, Marina, Morgan Hill, Moss Landing, Pacific Grove, Prunedale, Salinas, Scotts Valley, Seaside, Soquel, Soledad, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and all other suburbs in the Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey, and San Benito Counties.

Vendwize Service Area