Subsidized Vending, a Good Way to Reward Your Employees

In traditional vending services we place the machines at no cost to our customers. They only pay when they buy a product from the machines (ex. $0.85 for a can of soda). In addition to this service, we also offer subsidized vending services, in which we price the products in the machines lower than normal and our customer (the employer) pays for the difference. This service is becoming more popular as the economy improves. It is a good way to reward employees. For example, a few days ago we installed one snack machine with everything priced at $0.50 and a beverage machine with everything priced at $0.25. Employees can buy anything at these prices regardless of the size or real price of the product. We invoice our customer every month for the difference. Our machines can be prices at any price. They can also be programed to dispense everything for free. Whatever price you want to give to your employees, we can help you make it happen.

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