Renting Vending Machines From Vendwize

One of the services we offer is renting vending machines. This is a good option for those who want to generate extra revenue and for those who want to test the vending machine market without making a big investment. When renting machines from us, you can purchase the products from any supplier (such as Costco), fill them with whatever you want, and keep all the profits. In other words, it will be as if you were the owner of the machine(s). Two big benefits of renting is that repairs are included as part of the lease agreement and that you don’t have to make a $1,000 – $4,000 investment upfront to buy a machine. If something malfunctions, we will fix or repair for no extra cost. You will be responsible for basic maintenance, such as cleaning the bill acceptor, and we will be responsible for major maintenance and repairs. In order for us to rent you a machine, you must sign a six-month contract (month-to-month after that) and the machine must be placed within our service area, which includes San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Gilroy, Monterey, Salinas, and all surrounding areas. We rent one machine for $100 a month or two for $150. If you are interested in renting a vending machine, tell us the type of machine you need and we will email you pictures, details, and a copy of the contract.

How Often Does a Vending Machine Need to be Serviced?

The easy answer is as needed. The frequency of service depends on the demand. In some places we go three times a week and in others once every two weeks. We plan to service them when they are around 20%-25% empty. How empty is empty? The answer is different for us than it is for our customers. Sometimes we get requests for service when the snack machine has one empty line (1 out of 32+). I understand that as a customer I want to see all options available, and for that reason we always strive to have all lines filled at all the time. However, servicing the machines when only one or two lines are empty is not a good way for us to maximize profitability. Since not all lines are used at the same pace, the best time to service them is when they are at least 20%-25% empty, which is roughly the same as 2-4 empty lines. If a line sales super fast compared to the other, we add a second line of the same product to make sure the product is always available. For example, in one of our accounts, the cynamon rolls were gone in two days while the rest of the items were almost at the same level. Servicing the account just to add more cynamon rolls was not efficient for us, so we added a second line of cynamon rolls and now all the items sell at the same pace.

Quick Installation of Vending Machines

When new customers accept our services we ask for two weeks to test and deliver our vending machines, but we always tell them that we can make special arrangements if they need the machines sooner. This week we proved that we can move fast when needed. Last Thursday our new customer contacted us, and we met on Friday morning to talk about our services. In that afternoon they emailed us accepting our services. On Monday we installed the snack machine and on Tuesday we installed the beverage machine. It only took two business days for us to deliver them! Customer satisfaction is our priority, and if they need them sooner, we deliver them sooner.

Glassfront Vending Machines

Vending Machines Accept Tokens

A company from Moss Landing, CA recently contacted us to inquire about our vending machine services. They were not happy with the vending services provided by their vendor, and wanted to consider other options. They were also interested in learning if our machines took tokens because they wanted to give tokens to the employees as rewards. We told them that we could add a special changer to our machines to allow them to take tokens. A few days later we installed the two machines that you see in the picture. Adding token capabilities to our vending machines requires a bigger investment from our part, but providing what our customers want is something we strive to do everyday.

Vending Machines

Vending Machine Tokens